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I Hokona e te Kaihoko Tawhito o Vietnam a maatau pepa e rua hei huri ki te miihini tapahi pepa

Wā: 2021-06-16 Hits: 17

Ko te kaihanga peeke pepa rongonui i Vietnam i hoko i a maatau pukapuka pepa SCT e rua ki nga miihini tapatapahi pepa.
This customer bought our small paper roll to sheets cross-cutting machine two years ago. As their business grows, in order to provide production efficiency, they must purchase a large cross-cutting machine to cut the paper. We introduced the hot-selling SCT automatic stacking cross-cutting machine for them. This model is suitable for cutting large sheets of paper. It can collect and stack the cut paper on a pallet. The stacking height can reach 1000mm. We can easily take out the cut paper from the machine with a forklift.
Because the customer is very anxious, we first arrange the shipment of the first machine. We plan to ship the second machine at the end of April this year.
Before shipment, we conducted strict tests and inspections on the machine in accordance with the factory inspection standards. And shot a complete running video to customers for acceptance.
The machine is wrapped in waterproof cloth and placed on a wooden pallet. The fumigation-free wooden box can prevent the machine from being damaged by the waves and turbulence in the sea.

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